Demand and side reduction measures

  1. Measuring-for-change: Using air quality feedback to promote smoke-free homes   > Presentation  
  2. Attitudes towards cessation and smoking ban law enforcement in Greece   > Poster  
  3. Do smokers want to protect non-smokers from the harms of secondhand smoke in cars? Findings from the EUREST-PLUS ITC Europe Surveys   > Presentation  
  4. Attitudes of university students toward exposure to secondhand smoking. The case of Vlora University, Albania   > Film  
  5. Drama: an effective tool to raise tobacco awareness and critical thinking among students   > Presentation  
  6. Effective science communication for public health: The Tobacco Atlas Germany 2020   > Presentation   > Film  
  7. Smoking cessation in patients with head and neck cancer   > Presentation  
  8. Smoking cessation effectiveness of a quitline in Ukraine   > Presentation   > Film  
  9. Smoking and oxidative stress among patients with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder   > Presentation  
  10. Smoking cessation for patients with COPD, cardiovacular diseases and diabetes   > Presentation  
  11. Exposing Big Tobacco’s rebranding: A déjà vu to fool policymakers and the public   > Presentation   > Film  
  12. The assignment of tobacco control to the NAAC progress made and future pursuits   > Presentation   > Film  
  13. Denormalization of tobacco, a reality for all?: The Belgian case   > Presentation  
  14. Changes in breathing during exposure to SHS in outside areas of pubs in patients with asthma and COPD in three EU countries   > Presentation  
  15. How does the scientific literature approach Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and tobacco use in pandemic days?   > Presentation  

Supply and side reduction measures

  1. Mechanisms for illicit trade control in view of public health: The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina   > Presentation  
  2. A strategic framework for reducing demand for and supply of illicit tobacco within broader tobacco control programmes   > Presentation  
  3. Reduction of the price differential between roll-your-own tobacco and cigarettes is associated with a decrease in the fraction of smoked roll-your-own tobacco in France since 2016   > Presentation  

Cooperation and communication

  1. Smoking influences the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea independently from COPD   > Presentation  
  2. Implementation of WHO – FCTC Article 20 in Albania: Needed actions to fill an existing gap   > Presentation  
  3. Smoking prevalence in Greece: The role of age and sex   > Poster  
  4. A qualitative study of electronic cigarette use among young people in Ireland: Incentives, disincentives, and equivocal cessation   > Presentation  
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